Hello dear sponsor!


What a wonderful start to a new spring season! Easter is here and we have so much to be thankful for!

A big thank you to Mission Church, Santa Clarita for hosting Taylor in church on Sunday, March 4th, to introduce Taylor’s Heart to the congregation!  Mission Church kicked off a food drive leading up to Easter, with Taylor handing out grocery bags at the services in March! It was a great success! Thank you for your support!

This spring, Taylor’s Heart is partnering with Angels2Angels and “Springing” off a mattress drive for the Buena Vida Orphanage! We want the children to be blessed with fresh new mattresses, mattress covers, bedding and pillows for their new home! Response has been great! If you want to jump in on this project, please contact us! 



Taylor’s Heart will be heading down to Mexico the second weekend in April to deliver the food items and the April birthday gifts.We will host a pizza party night for the children on Friday, and look at the new construction and the current needs. We would greatly appreciate your prayers!     

May God bless you this beautiful spring season!

The Taylor’s Heart Crew